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iOS 13 Release Date & New Features

Apple has announced lots of new iPhone features focusing on privacy and organization, coming in mid-September. Here is something we need to know about iOS 13.When is iOS 13 available?You'll be ab...

Here is what the iPhone 11 Max will probably look like

The iPhone 11’s design first leaked way back in January and, although it was far from confirmed at the time, now that we’re just two months away from launch, things look virtually set in s...

Great Strong-Upgrade Version

With the business expansion and staff growth, we have been planning to move to a bigger office since last year. This goal was acheived this week, we got a new office and our new trip will start from h...

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Pictures of Broken LCD Screens Recycled in November

November is coming to an end, we are glad that Great Strong has made a few achievement in this month. According to our statistics, the number of used mobile phone parts we rec...


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