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Packing Screens Well with Least Time

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As you know, broken screens are easily go further damaged, so it’s important to pack them well with bubble wraps or plastic trays once they are removed from phones. Good packing can always bring good result, here we offer you packing method that can protect broken screens well and help you save your time.

Step 1. When you take out new screen from bubble wrap (or plastic tray), don’t throw that bubble wrap (or plastic tray) away, and please put broken one inside

Step 2. Then please clearly mark the model and condition of screen (good working LCD or totally broken)

Step 3. Prepare 2 boxes, one is for working LCDs, and anther is for bad LCDs

Step 4. When box for good working LCDs is full, fill the empty area with packaging peanuts and properly seal the box

Packing is done in just four steps, and broken screens can be protected well throughout. If you want to know more detailed information about screen package, please clicke here. Thanks.


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