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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your current price for LCD screens and how long will you keep the price?

Price is always updated regularly and e-mails are sent every week to keep
clients informed(Click HERE to leave your email for price updating every week).
We will keep the price a week after the clients ship out the screens.

How to pack the screens?
Pack your screens well and keep them safety may earn extra 10%-20% even more from your items.
Click HERE see how to pack the screens.
Here are some packing problems happened before, please pay attention  》》

Does that mean the shipping is free after requesting the pre-paid shipping label?
Free Shipping Label Conditions:
1. Shipping more than 100pcs LCDs;
2. And more than 50% of them are working screens;
If you do not meet those two requirements, you also may request a shipping label,
a part of  shipping cost will be deducted from your total payout.
If your total payout is less than the shippingyou may not get pay.

How do you test the screens?
Here are our iPhone screen test standards:
A/B Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with few dead pixels or small backlight problem.
C Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with big dead pixels, big backlight problem, small (yellow/gray) color marks or be changed glass.
D Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with color dead pixels, big (red/blue) color marks, be changed flex cable or broken 3D touch cable.
Bad: Bad LCD, bad touch. (Note: We don't pay for copy LCD, except iPhone6G/6P good working copy LCD).

Please click HERE to check more details.

Do you make pre-payment?
Sorry, we don't make pre-payment. We pay after receiving and testing the screens.
We suggest it is better to send a sample order at the first time.
This not only lets customers experience our services and process, but once they realize how fast and easy to do business with us, they always become our long-term customers.

What is the payment methods and how long does it take?
Payment can be transferred via PayPal, Western Union and Bank transfer(Wire Transfer).
Attention: There are about 4% service fee if use PayPal.
Our company can pay in 1-2day(s) after reaching an agreement on test result.

How it works?
1. Check the price. 》》
2. Count the screens and pack them well.》》
3. Request a pre-paid shipping label. 》》 
4. Our test team will test the screens one by one once we receive the package(s).
5. We will send you the test results (Test report and test pictrues).
6. We will pay in 1-2 day(s) via Bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union after reaching an agreement on test result

Please click HERE to check more details.


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